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The world:

The countries:

Alara       Com         Gramia       Komandia     Pasasia     Weilfach
Baiebronia  Debovl      Guhausengen  Kopjez       Reria       Whitland
Bamia       Dowlabasia  Hasland      Macha        Roblia      Witburia
Benets      Durland     Hegastilia   Mahya        Shabadia    Yuteshia
Beria       Ehras       Hertia       Manilia      Shifordia   Zasia
Bodgia      Epidazia    Horaludia    Minamia      Shushia
Bols        Falis       Huten        Nealia       Silarstan
Bryania     Fland       Iles         Neufenland   Sim
Cal         Galcia      Izhia        Nieland      Somyard
Chastan     Gatland     Jan          Osechia      Valveria
Cherdia     Godbia      Kabnakia     Otkai        Vysia
Chin        Govo        Kahia        Paphia       Wadb



Dhuneus, the Sea God
Rolios, God of Riddles
Yais, Goddess of Mercy
Phagen, God of Chaos
Valene, Goddess of Fall
Pheseyr, God of Pleasure
Druphine, Goddess of Infamy
Redona, Goddess of Good Luck

Teaser: One thousand years ago the Sea God lost his mind. Overnight the ocean was consumed by endless storms. A few months ago the storms stopped just as suddenly. Now anxious rulers are building and sending ships to discover what opporunities or danger awaits. Your characters were each sent on one of these ships, all coincidentally landing in the same place about the same time...

Background: The world is populated (almost) entirely by xenophobic humans. We have room for one or two non-humans;talk to us if you're interested. Of the eight or so continents most have had only a single deity for the past millennium. We are listing very basic info on some of the major nations. Pick one of these or make up your own. Come up with and idea for a character who would have been dispatched by his/her nation to explore new lands.